Young Justice

Young_Justice_TV_series“Young Justice-¬†Teenage superheroes strive to prove themselves as members of the Justice League.”¬†

The second season, INVASION, takes place five years after the first season’s finale,AULD ACQUAINTANCE, with a more complex plot I became hooked! Robin becomes Dark Knight, and takes over as leader of the TEAM, whilst it appears Aqua Lad has teamed up with his father Black Manta in the world of evil. Artemis and Kid Flash leave the world of crime fighting behind to live “normal lives,” and Super Boy breaks up with Meghan. WHAT??!! Many other un-sidekicks join the team and kick some serious butt, simultaneously getting their butts kicked. Oh did I mention that Red Arrow marries Cheshire and they have a baby girl? The original Speedy is found alive and he becomes Arsenal. All this in just the first three episodes! SUPER EXCITED!!